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Demon Slayer (DS) PEEKER DECAL

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*Premium Quality* - Glossy Finish, Weatherproof, Waterproof, U.V Protection

 📏 Dimensions:   

The size is determined by the widest point horizontally, between 4" to 6"

Durable, water & scratch-resistant, Strong adhesion for indoor/outdoor applications. Weatherproof and UV protection.

Application Instructions:

1. Wipe clean the surface area that you are applying the vinyl sticker to (best on flat and smooth surfaces)
2. Allow the surface area to dry before the application
3. Lift a PORTION of the sticker from the white backing starting from the bottom (straight edge) of the sticker. Align your sticker with the desired surface and stick. Slowly peel the white backing off while using your thumb to press the sticker from left to right.
4. If air bubbles occur, just carefully lift the sticker and push out the air bubbles using your thumb